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How much can I save with Alumni Extras membership?

In general, the amount you can save with Alumni Extras discount codes will depend on your spending habits and where you shop.

You may not be aware, but retail sectors have widely different margins. This influences how generous retailers can be. As a result, discounts and offers vary between brands and are usually between 2% and 40%.

To illustrate, our research shows that when used regularly, our discount codes can enable a typical member to save over £1,000 a year. For example:

  • Supermarket shop: save £104 a year on a £100 weekly shop at Tesco or £204 on the same weekly shop at M&S
  • Men’s shirts: save £28 on a £139 bundle of four shirts or polos at Charles Tyrwhitt
  • Men’s haircut: save £120 on nine £50 haircuts at Rush Hair Salons
  • Ladies clothing: save £20 on a £100 dress at Karen Millen
  • Trainers: save £28 on a pair of £140 New Balance trainers
  • Technology: Save £60 on a £404 Samsung Galaxy A54 5G mobile, £41 on a £279 Acer Chromebook 314 laptop and £379 a £1,519 Samsung QN88C Neo HDR Smart TV
  • Cinema tickets: save £60 on 10 tickets at £15 per ticket year with Cinema Society discount
  • Travel: save £280 for a week’s stay at Bespoke Hotels on a room rate of £200 per night
  • Restaurant: save £32 on four £100 three course dinners at Zizzi
  • Coffee: save over £20 a year on two medium coffees a week at Costa and Starbucks

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