Wingly 15%
  • 15% off all Wingly flights
  • 60 GBP: 45 min Sightseeing flight for one around London/Bournemouth/Yorkshire. See the majestic Jurassic coast and the charming Yorkshire from a whole new angle! 
  • 120 GBP: 45 min Sightseeing flight for two around Birmingham/Blackpool/Bournemouth/Yorkshire/Liverpool
    Take your loved ones to experience the fun of flying in a small aircraft! 
  • 240 GBP: Day trip from London to Isle of Wight excursion flight
*Terms and conditions apply.
*Terms and conditions apply.

About Wingly

Wingly is the trusted community that connects private pilots with passengers to share the magic of a flight! You can find a huge range of more than 4,000 sightseeing, day trip, helicopter and excursion flights. Comparable to a carpooling platform, Wingly makes sightseeing from their air stunningly affordable. We’re democratising the world of aviation and will delight you with a passion for flying!

This is a non-commercial flight operated under EASA cost sharing rules. Flights are insured through Allianz, and are not comparable to commercial air transport.

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