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About LEON

What fuels Leon is the belief that food should taste good and do you good. And that everyone should be able to enjoy it. To do this, we’ve set about to change the face of fast food.
Our food is naturally full of flavour, full of goodness, and from people we know and like. We often cook with seasonal ingredients, olive oil and fresh herbs and spices.
Back when we had one restaurant, what really made us believe we were on the right track was the passion, support and input of people who eat with us; it wasn’t all plain sailing, but the overriding message was that you were glad we were around. We hope you continue to think this and thanks for all your support so far. If you have anything to ask, say or suggest, feel free. People have been very kind about Leon but we’ve got a long way to go and we think there is always room for improvement.

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