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Jack’s Flight Club

Jack's Flight Club
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About Jack’s Flight Club

Jack Sheldon wanted to travel the world but knew the biggest barrier was the high cost of airfare. With years of practise he became a self-taught ‘flight hacker’ uncovering stupidly cheap flight deals and ‘mistake-fares’ from the UK, like New York for £99 return, Tokyo for £248 return and Hawaii for £289 return!

Nudged by friends to share these deals he started Jack’s Flight Club an email newsletter service that alerts members when brilliant deals are found so they can snap up flights with average savings of over £400 per ticket booked. 

Jack and team have gone on to save their members an estimated £5 million on airfare in 2017 and have over 400,000 subscribers that love being notified about amazing cheap flights to exciting destinations! 

There’s a choice of free and paid membership plans so feel free to check out the free membership first at and then if you decide to become a paying member make sure you use your exclusive World Privilege Plus discount via the link on this page. 

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