Football FanCoin®

Football Fan app extra 50 FanCoin® for free
  • Post content, engage with content, play games to collect FanCoin®
  • When you refer your family or friends, you both collect an extra 10 FanCoin® each
  • Redeem FanCoin® to get cashback or discount offers from over 200 brands
  • Trade FanCoin® on a cryptocurrency exchange
*Terms and conditions apply.
*Terms and conditions apply.

About Football FanCoin®

FanCoin® is the pioneering blockchain-secured digital utility token, setting the standard worldwide. It offers tangible benefits in the form of cashback, discounts, and more, with redemption options available across an extensive range of products from over 200 brands in the ‘Football Fan’ app’s marketplace.

In the ‘Football Fan’ app, users have the opportunity to accumulate FanCoin® through diverse activities, including posting football-related content, engaging with existing content, creating or engaging in the buying/selling of football-themed NFTs, participating in games, joining chat rooms, and contributing to the overall app experience. Additionally, FanCoin® can be purchased from a cryptocurrency exchange and traded as desired.FanCoin® serves as a catalyst for fostering a thriving community within the Football Fan app, while also presenting various avenues for generating revenue for the users. To commence your FanCoin® collection journey, download the ‘Football Fan’ app now.

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